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South Shore Lakedance Film Festival Entry Application

(Please type or print neatly in black ink, and staple or clip all  pages together.  Make sure you read the official rules, and sign at the bottom in black ink)


Name of Film or Video:

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Total Running Time:

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Original Shooting Format:

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Film  Mini-DVFull Size DVHD Digital 8Hi8 Other

If other please list:


Date Film/Video was Completed:


Aspect Ratio 4:3  16:9 Other

If other please list your aspect ratio


Premiere Status

World Premiere  North American Premiere               U.S. Premiere     

Midwest Premiere            Indiana Premiere              Northwest Indiana Premiere


Previous Screenings

If your film had any previous screening, please list them below:

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 You may select more than one.


Comedy             Drama                Thriller              Horror                Sci-Fi /Fantasy

Animation         Erotica/Adult     Experimental   Student             Exploitation     

Low Budget      Documentary   Mockumentary  





Include a typed cast list of each actor in your film/video and the role they played. Type “CAST LIST” on top of the paper, under “CAST LIST” type the name of your film/video.



Include a typed list of each crew member and their job on the project.  Type “CREW LIST” at the top of the paper, under “CREW LIST”  type the name of your film/video.  This should include all directors, writers, producers, etc.


-3 Line Synopses of your film

-Director’s Statement
-Check or Money Order for $20 made payable to: ERIC ALAN SERA




Press Pack, Press Clippings/Reviews, Web Links, Still Pictures, Digital Pictures (on CD-R or DVD-R)






Connection with the project (director, producer, writer, etc.):


Home Phone:

Work Phone:

Cell Phone:

Email Address:


Street:APT #:


State:   ZIP:





 -All Films/Videos Must be submitted on DVD-R

-Make checks or money orders for $20.00 payable to: Eric Alan Sera


Please Read and Sign this Release Form in BLACK INK

As a condition of entering the SOUTH SHORE LAKEDANCE FILM FESTIVAL I/we hereby certify that:


1. I/we am/are the director(s) or producer (s) or writer (s) of the film/video which I/we have submitted to the SOUTH SHORE LAKEDANCE FILM FESTIVAL.


2. I/we am/are the sole and exclusive owners(s) of all rights thereto and there are no disputes regarding ownership of the submission. I/we have full authority to submit the film/video to the SOUTH SHORE LAKEDANCE FILM FESTIVAL.


3. I/we guarantee the submitted film/video does not invade or defame the rights of any person, living or dead, and I/we fully indemnify the SOUTH SHORE LAKEDANCE FILM FESTIVAL against any claim made for such invasion, defamation or other violations of law.


4. I/we will indemnify, defend and hold harmless the SOUTH SHORE LAKEDANCE FILM FESTIVAL, its employees, sponsors, judges, individually and  collectively, including their heirs, personal representatives, officers,  directors, successors and assigns, from and against all claims, demands,  losses, damages, costs, judgments, liabilities and expenses (including  attorney’s fees) arising out of or in connection with any and all  claims of third parties, whether or not groundless, based on any  film/video or other materials submitted by me to the SOUTH SHORE LAKEDANCE FILM FESTIVAL.


5. I/we shall be solely responsible for taking all necessary steps to establish and protect my/our copyright in the submitted material, and the SOUTH SHORE LAKEDANCE FILM FESTIVAL.


SOUTH SHORE LAKEDANCE FILM FESTIVAL shall have no obligation with respect thereto. SOUTH SHORE LAKEDANCE FILM FESTIVAL shall have the right to reproduce all or part of said material for use in its publicity or teaching activities but shall not have the right to use said material for other commercial purposes.


6. I/we hereby grant SOUTH SHORE LAKEDANCE FILM FESTIVAL the nonexclusive right to use my name, photograph, and likeness in  connection with any and all publicity and promotional activities  regarding the SOUTH SHORE LAKEDANCE FILM FESTIVAL.


7. I/we understand the SOUTH SHORE LAKEDANCE FILM FESTIVAL accepts no liability whatsoever for loss or  non-receipt of my film/video or for the unauthorized use of all or part  of my film/video by any person and I/we agree to remain fully liable in connection therewith.


8. I/we understand that the SOUTH SHORE LAKEDANCE FILM FESTIVAL will not return and is not obligated to return my film/video or any other materials I/we have submitted to SOUTH SHORE LAKEDANCE FILM FESTIVAL.


9. I/we understand that this is a film/video competition, not an evaluation service and that the judges are not obligated to provide any feedback to the contestants regarding their film/video submission/s.


10. I/we hereby agree to abide by the decisions of the SOUTH SHORE LAKEDANCE FILM FESTIVAL Competition judges with regard  to all matters and decisions, including those decisions involving their  sole discretion, relating to the SOUTH SHORE LAKEDANCE FILM FESTIVAL.


11. I/we understand that the entry fee is non-refundable.


12. I/we have read all of the competition rules, regulations and release, understand them, and have complied with them. I/we understand that failure to adhere to the SOUTH SHORE LAKEDANCE FILM FESTIVAL rules, regulations, and release will result in disqualification for which no refund or entry fee(s) is due.


Printed Name:______________________ Signature:_________________________ Date:____________



Completed application with signature

Cast List

Crew List

3-Line Synopsis

Director’s Statement

DVD-R of your submission

Check or Money Order for $20 made payable to: Eric Alan Sera

(optional) Press Pack

(optional) Press Clippings/Reviews

(optional) Web Links

(optional) Still Pictures

Digital Pictures on CD-R or DVD-R


Send this application along with: check/money order, video/film on DVD-R to:

South Shore Lakedance Film Festival

4014 S. Wabash Ave

Hammond, IN  46327-1219


All entries must be postmarked by May 16, 2008, NO EXCEPTIONS!


---------------------END OF APPLICATION---------------------------